Jay-Z Makes More Money Than Beyonce This year

In the Forbes list this year, Jay-Z makes more money that his wife, Beyonce. For two consecutive years, she made more money than him. Thank God she took some time out last year, and jay could top her. But more than money talk, what i am concerned about is the rumor that Beyonce doesn't want to have kids yet, because she is focusing on her music for now. I think that is unfair, if it is true. As i heard jay really wants to have a kid. He is 41 now, and she is going to be 30 this year, maybe she feels she still has some time to spear...but i don't think so.

Read the story below-

During the past 12 months, Forbes reports, Jay-Z pulled in $37 million--$2 million more than wife Beyonce Knowles. This is the first time Jay has earned more than his wife since they married back in 2008.

While Jay's 40/40 Club, his stake in the New Jersey Nets, and his bestselling book Decoded all contributed to his earnings this past year, it's his 10-year, $150 million deal with Live Nation that has been the most lucrative. Beyonce's deals with Nintendo, L'Oreal, as well her own clothing line House of Dereon, are huge factors in her $35 million earnings in the previous 12 months.

Both artists earned substantially less than they did last year ($63 million and $87 million respectively) due to the fact that both did a smaller amount of touring this year. The pair did not release any albums since the last Forbes cycle, but are expected to later on in the year.


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