Rapper Game's Cars (2012)

Game, like most rappers, has a fleet of exotic cars; they don't only just rap about it, they be about it...at least some of them. I remember back in 2005/2006, when Game and 50 Cent were in the middle of their beef, Game went and bought two Bentley's after 50 Cent called him a window shopper.

That is a long time ago, and since then, Game has bought himself a Dodge Charger ($55k), a Rolls Royce Phantom ($400k), Range Rover ($80k), Benz S Class ($90k),  Lamborghini Murcielago ($289k), two Bentley Continentals (200k each) and the latest of them is the Porsche Panamera ($80k).

You can check out the pics below...by the way, there are two pics of his Porsche below (when it was white, and when he repainted it golden.)

porsche panamera


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