Rap Digital Singles Sales

It seem there are more and more people that sell millions with singles, so it is important to give the statistics of numbers in this sector. Florida remains the undisputed champion with singles sales, and this week, his "Whistle" single sold 206,000 copies, and now is at a total of 998,000 so far. That is just 2,000 copies shy of a platinum plaque. But it is funny to know that he has never gone plat with any of his albums before.

Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz all came together as the G.O.O.D crew to make the incredible "Mercy" track, which has been getting constant play both on Radio and TV so far this year. The single sold 68,000 copies this week, and now is at a total of 1,248,000 sold so far.

Flo Rida comes up again with his "Wild Ones" single, which sold 57,000 copies this week. The song features Sia, and has sold a total of 3,121,000 so far. WOW! Over 3 million sold and counting. Now you know why I said he is the king in this category...all those "feel good" music he makes has created a great lane for him.

T.I's new single "Go Get Em" sold 55,000 copies in its first week on itunes. 2 Chainz featuring Drake, "No Lie" sold 48,000 copies this week, and now totals at 481,000. Pitbull, another vet in this category sold 43,000 copies of his "Back In Time" single, and now totals at 1,343,000 copies so far. Wiz Khalifa's "Work Hard, Play Hard" single is heading for a plat; it sold 41,000 copies this week, and now stands at a total of 804,000.

DJ Khaled's "I Wish You Would" single, which features Kanye West and Rick Ross sold 13,000 copies this week, and is now at a total of 92,000 copies sold. Nas, not one to make it in the "singles" arena, has his Swizz Beatz assisted single "Summer on Smash" on the chart this week after selling 13,000 copies first week on itunes.


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