50 Cent Can't Get Anyone To Buy 52 Room Connecticut Mansion

After 50 Cent blew up astronomically in 2003, he didn't waste any time in acquiring a home that fit a person of his new status. He bought Mike Tyson's old mansion from Tyson's ex-wife for a whooping $4.1 million. He spent $6 million to renovate the 52 bedroom mansion, and brought it up to his personal specifications. Bu he has been trying to sell it since 2007.

The house is more like a hotel if you ask me, that's why 50 says it doesn't feel like a home to him-

"I haven't been to that house much. I travel a lot. I probably should take it off the market. I have family living there. They love riding their three-wheelers up and down the block. You know the street is '50' Poplar Hill Road? Marshall Mathers (Eminem) wrote on the stop sign on the street. I might just modify it and do some different things with it." 

By the way, the house has an indoor pool, a lake, a basketball court, a nightclub, a racquet ball court, a gym, a billiards room, home-theatre, a bar etc. The price for the house went from
 $18.5, to $14.5, to $10.9, and currently $9.9 million. Check out pics from the 52 room 
mansion below-


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