Forbes List: Top Earning Celebrities Under 30 (2013)

You know Forbes is a credible source for the top earners and the richest people in the world. The new list out now is 2013 list of Top Earning Celebrities Under 30. Lady Gaga tops the list, even though she had a hip surgery some months ago, that kept her from completing her tour. The list is compiled based on what these celebrities earned from June 2012- June 2013.

Check out the full list below-

10. Taylor Lautner (21 year old actor)- $22 million

9.  Kristen Stewart (23 year old actress)- $22 million

8.  Adele (25 year old British singer)- $25 million

7.  Jennifer Lawrence (22 year old actress)- $26 million

6.  Katy Perry (28 year old American singer)- $39 million

5.  Rihanna (25 year old American singer)- $43 million 

4.  Calvin Harris (29 year old Scottish DJ/Singer)- $46 million

3.  Taylor Swift (23 year old American singer)- $55 million

2.  Justin Bieber (19 year old Canadian-American singer)- $58 million

1.  Lady Gaga (27 year old American singer)- $80 million

Please note that these number don't represent the net-worth of these celebrities, but rather their earning between June 2012- June 2013.


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