Is Macklemore Gay?

Rapper, Macklemore and his producer, Ryan Lewis have had a great year. They released their album, The Heist last year October, and the album has produced 3 super hit singles- Thrift Shop, Can't Hold Us, and Same Love. His last single, Same Love (which is about equality for Gay people in the society), and the fact that he has a music partner (Ryan Lewis), who looks to people like his real life partner, is the reason why a lot of people come to the conclusion that he is Gay. 

In a recent interview, he was scared of backlash from his Same Love song in Hip Hop community, and he said...

 "Kinda, yeah, I am. Will people think that I'm gay? They still do. You type in 'Macklemore' in Google, and you start typing 'Macklemore' and it immediately auto-corrects to, 'Is Macklemore gay?' But you know what? That's not important to me. I can honestly care less. What's important to me is something much bigger than how I'm perceived and who might or might not want to make a record. If people are really not wanting to get on a record with me because of that, we weren't meant to make music together. This is something that I believe in. This is something I'm willing to put out there."

And for the record, he has a fiancee  and they have been together for a while now. Check out their picture together below.


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