Beanie Sigel Gets Knocked Out by Meek Mill Affiliate

Hmm! This whole beef with Meek Mill and Game is going off in the wrong direction; I thought it would stay on wax. So, this is what happened. After Game dissed Meek Mill on 92 Bars, Meek went and got his cousin, Omelly, and another rapper named Takbar to diss Game using Young M.A's OOOUUU instrumental. Beanie Sigel was invited to the studio to help them with the diss track and also had 2-3 lines on the track. Game responds to their diss track in 48 hours with Pest Control, and dissed, Tak, Meek, Omelly, and Beanie Sigel. Beanie calls up Game after the song drops, and says he made a mistake jumping into the beef, that he only went to help them with some lyrics. He also let the whole world know (through a radio interview) that he wrote some lyrics for Meek Mill on the diss track. Meek Mill didn't like that, and he got one of his affiliates, Teefy Bey to beat up Beanie Sigel at a Bad Boy Reunion concert in Philly three nights ago.

Below is a video of Beanie Sigel knocked out cold on the floor, and security dragging Teefy Bey away from Beans.

This is not good for the Philly at all. Why would you go and knockout a legend like that? Beanie Sigel only got one lung and isn't medically fit right now after getting shot two years ago. Why do the broad street bully dirty like that cos he ain't what he used to be? I hope this don't get nastier than it already is. But really, a 20 something year old knocking out a 40 something year old. No respect at all.


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