Game and Manager Say They Had to Stop Their People From Attacking Sean Kingston

Game and his manager, Wack 100 revealed in a recent interview that they were getting calls from real hood people that respected them and wanted to get the go ahead to attack Sean Kingston, but that they told the guys to back down. In case you don't know, there is an ongoing beef between Game on one side, against Meek Mill and Sean Kingston on the other side. Sean Kingston got robbed at a club in L.A a couple of months ago and called Game saying Meek Mill had told him that Game's people were the ones behind the robbery. So, Game blasted the two of them on Instagram and on a diss track, while Sean Kingston went on an Instagram rant, saying all sorts of disrespectful things about Game.

When I saw those videos where Kingston was running his mouth, I was like 'this dude doesn't now what he is getting himself into.' Apparently, Game and his manager, Wack 100 had to stop people from going at Sean Kingston and probably attacking him. They said multiple guys sent them pictures from the front of Sean Kingston's house, waiting for the go ahead from Game and Wack.

Below is what Game and his manager (Wack 100) said when asked about Sean Kingston disrespecting Game.

Game- "Sean Kingston fat, sloppy...Stop! Yo, he better stop playing. He better really, really, really stop playing."

Wack 100- "Yea, cos what he's going to do is, like...what he doesn't understand is when people hear that, we don't even have to say nothing. Certain people are just gonna react, and I don't think he's understanding that. People are just gonna react out of pure respect, to make that call and say 'we handled that.' You know what I mean. So, what we been doing is making a bunch of calls..."

Game- "You know how many people, you know how many people called like, real, real hood that wanna go! You know what I'm saying. At cats. And what I'm saying? I'm not saying 'Yo, go smash out. Go kill.' Nah! I'm telling people, 'chill. Like, chill. I'ma figure this out, me and wack we on the road, we gon' figure it out.' This dudes is pulling up at addresses, sending us pictures of gates. And I'm like 'nah! It ain't that.'"

As Game kept talking about how much of a risk Sean Kingston is putting himself into, Wack showed one of the interviewers (Charlamagne) the pictures of people's gates and addresses that were sent to his phone, including Nicki Minaj's house address.

Below is the video can skip to the 36 minute mark.


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