Game Claims he Made $7 Million From His Weed Dispensary in 9 Months

Weed is systematically being legalized in America, and I am sure in 5 years time, Marijuana would be legal in all states in America. People are now investing in weed dispensaries legally, and making cool cash from selling weed. One of those people is California rapper, Game. Last week Friday, he was on Power 105.1 radio for an interview, and he was telling the Breakfast Club crew to invest in the legal weed business early, and he guarantees that they would be smiling to the bank in a few years.

Read Game's words on this below...

"I don't want y'all reading headlines like, 'yo, Game don caught up with Dre and Puff and he's almost a billionaire off the weed.' Something that we used to slang in the hood, taking penitentiary chances. Because I'm telling you that I own a (weed) dispensary, I'm about to buy another one. I put a million dollars in in January, and I've already seen 7 mill, and it's only September." (Interview with the Breakfast Club Crew)

Below is the full interview. You can skip to the 44 minute mark.


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