Game's Manager (Wack 100) Speaks on Beanie Sigel Getting Knocked Out by Meek Mill's Affiliate

So, this is how it went. Game dissed Meek Mill on 92 Bars, Meek Mill went and got Takbar, Omelly, and Beanie Sigel on a reply diss track to Game. Game hit all of them back with Pest Control. Beanie Sigel called up Game after that and they settled their differences. But, it appeared Beans told Game he was just in the studio to help with Omelly's lyrics. Meek Mill and his boys didn't like that, and last week, at the Philly stop of the Bad Boy Reunion tour, Teefy Bay (a Meek Mill affiliate) went backstage and knoked Beanie Sigel out cold. Beans has been quiet on the issue since then, but Game's manager, Wack 100 isn't feeling the move by Meek Mill and his boys, and he feels they shouldn't have knocked out a Philly legend like that.

Below is what he had to say in a video that just hit Youtube a few hours ago.

"Y'all niggas went back there and put your hands on Beans, my nigga. On Piru and everything Piru stands for, Beans ain't told me shit about nothing. Now, if you pay attention to where this problem come fro, it all go back to your man Meek. That nigga beans been carrying Philly on his back for 20 plus years, y'all violate that man in front of his wife, and his kids, my nigga. That nigga ain't told us nothing, my nigga. And who ever the fuck did that need to be dealt with my nigga. 100. It's all love, my nigga. Philly represent the P, but it's Piru. Y'all niggas need to get with that nigga Meek and tell him to get back in the boot, my nigga." (Youtube Video)

Between this guy and Beanie Sigel's old connects, I have a feeling that Meek Mill's friend, Teefy Bay is going to get a beat down in the next couple of days. The thing is, this dude, Wack 100 is an OG that decided to go very legit with the music business, but he is still a Blood. And I can remember the interview on Breakfast Club show with him and Game, where he kept saying they were getting calls from some of their hood people asking for the go ahead to deal with Meek Mill and whoever else was disrespecting Game, whether it was Sean Kingston or anyone else. And I remember he and Game kept saying they told them to fall back and not act. Now, he just gave the bloods in Philly a go ahead to deal with (Teefy Bay) the dude that knocked Beanie Sigel out. IT'S ON!


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