Game's Manager Wants to Knock Maino Out Over Meek Mill Beef

This Meek Mill and Game beef seem to be branching out to other people super fast. In the beginning, it was Game with Sean Kingston and Meek Mill, then Takbar, Omelly, and Beanie Sigel got into the picture. And then Meek Mill and his boys started beefing with Beanie Sigel, after just working with him to go against The Game. Then Drag-On comes out of retirement to diss Game. And then Meek Mill's friend, Teefy Bey knocked out Beanie Sigel at the Bad Boy Reunion stop at Philly. After that, Game's manager, Wack 100 released a video on Youtube condemning the act, and reminding Meek Mill's Philly goons that their man, Meek was now living in L.A, and you know Wack and Game run the streets of L.A. And now, somehow, the self proclaimed king of Brooklyn,  Maino has gotten into the mix.

From the series of Instagram back and forth comments from Wack 100 and Maino below, it appears Wack was planning to do something to Meek Mill or one of his goons and maybe Maino had prior knowledge of it and leaked it to Meek and them. Or maybe something about Meek trying to stop Game from shooting the Pest Control video in Brooklyn. That is my guess, but all I could really get from the conversation between the two men was that Wack is accusing Maino of playing two sides.

Read the Instagram comments and tell me what you feel.

Is it me or does Maino sound a bit scared in his responses to Wack 100? He sure doesn't sound like the tough guy Maino I know...using all the laughing face meme's and using 'lol' and all that. Let's see where all these goes in the next couple of hours. Yea, I said hours, cos things are spiraling fast with this Game and Meek Mill beef.


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