7 Celebrities Jay Z Had Sex with Before Beyonce

Jay Z was not only nice on the mic back in the day, he was also sleek with the women. He has one long list of celebrities he smashed before he started dating Beyonce in the early 2000s.

Below is a lineup of celebrities Shawn "Jay Z" Carter had sex with before he finally settled for Beyonce.

1.  Foxy Brown
He helped her a lot. He was writing most of her rap verses, and they were also like fuckbuddies back in the mid 90s...especially around 1996-1997. Ironically, Nas was also smashing her on the low at the same time. She was actually in a group (The Firm) with Nas, which also had AZ, Cormega, and latter Nature in it.

2.  T-Boz (Member of TLC)
This one was quite brief. It was around the time Puff Daddy was the god of Hip Hop...circa 1997. He took Jay Z on tour with him, and Jay and T-Boz became an item for a minute, before they cut ties, and T-Boz started dating West Coast rapper, Mac 10.

3.  Lil Kim
Jay and Kim are like friends that ended up fucking at some point, but still remained friends. They have stayed friends since the mid 90s till date.

4.  Carmen Bryant
Carmen was working in the music industry back in the 90s, and oh yea, she happens to be Nas's babymama. She and Nas had a baby girl, Destiny back in 1994, and when Nas was touring and hitting the clubs recklessly, Jay Z crept in the scene, and started piping his woman on the low. It is well documented in Carmen's tell-all book- It's No Secret.

5.   Karrine Steffans (Superhead)
Superhead was a popular video vixen back in the 90s and early 2000s. I don't need to tell you what she was popular for. The lady isn't ashamed to talk about her sexual life, and has spoken many times on her one-time sexcapade with Jay in the back of his Maybach

6.  Rosario Dawson
Jay Z actually dated Hollywood actress, Rosario Dawson from around 1998-2000. It hurt me when I heard Jay smashed her too...I had a crush on her before I found out. lol!

7.  Blu Cantrell
They hooked up back in 2001, but this was one of Jay's very short and quiet conquests. 


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