Drake is Dropping a New Album (More Life) in December

There is not much news about it yet, but Drake let the world know via Instagram yesterday that he is dropping a new project in December, titled More Life. His album, Views still has a strong buzz, and has been selling a quarter of a million monthly for a while now. So, I guess he wants to capitalize off that buzz. Drake sells at least half a million first week with all his albums, so why not drop a new one and rake in some more cash. Views still sells 40-50k copies weekly, constantly.

Checkout the cover art for the new project (More Life) below.

I think that's the picture of  his Dad, but I am not so sure. I wish him all the best with the project. By the way, today is his 30th birthday. Whoa! How time flies. I remember when he came in the game back in 2008-2009, he was just 22 at the time.


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