Game Used Law of Attraction to Become Successful

If you haven't watched the DVD, The Secret, I am sure you have at least heard of The Law of Attraction one way or the other. The proponents of the law believe that whatever you think about, you bring into existence in your life. You become what you think about. It appears, unknowingly, California rapper, Game used the law of attraction to attract the success he is now enjoying. In a recent Instagram post, he spoke about how he would always look up at a picture of exotic cars he got from his dead uncle every morning, and 30 years later, he has attracted a life with exotic cars similar to those in his vision board from three decades ago.

The top half of the below picture shows the cars Game used to visualize about, the bottom part shows the cars he currently owns...which include a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari among other cars.

Below is what he had to say about his experience.

"#InspireOrRetire If you're an 80's baby then you recognize the TOP picture (even though edited a bit from the original)... it was titled "Justification For Higher Education" & your Daddy, uncle, big brother, cousin's, ya mama's boyfriend or any nigga hustlin' had this picture hangin' up in their living room.... for me it was my Uncle Greg who was a feared dope boy & Nutty Block Crip in Compton & known for ballin.... I remember riding around in his Ferrari on his lap with both hands on the wheel thinkin I was dippin' lmaooo..... well, my Uncle Greg was murdered shortly after that & my Aunt Alicia (his wife) let me take his picture off the wall & hang it in my room... for years I would lay face up on my bed shooting my basketball in the air while staring at the picture... telling myself one day, I will have a mansion & my own fleet of exotic cars to fill the driveway....... didn't know how I was going to do it, I just knew I was going to do it..... that was 1986... 30 years later, its 2016 & the BOTTOM pic is my house & my cars....... I did it !!!!! See, a lot of so called stars & rich niggas will be on here flossing their cars, jewelry & money in pictures... but they never tell YOU how you can get it like they did.... that ain't me... I've given over 5 million out of my own pocket over the course of my career to helping people in whatever situations they might be going through just because I love my people, I know the struggle 1st hand & I want all of y'all to ball the fuck out...... & that is why I created @TreesByGame.... a company that will allow ALL OF US to eat together... STAY TUNED... the wave is coming."


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