Top 3 Hottest Lesbian and Bisexual Rappers in Hip Hop

Things are changing, and people are becoming more liberal towards the LGBT community in Hip Hop. Of cos, there is still no openly gay male rapper doing rap music, but there are a couple of gay female rappers that are doing their thing right now.

Although many suspect, it has never been confirmed that Queen Latifah is a lesbian, so she isn't on this list. The three that made this list have proudly embraced their sexuality, and the world has accepted them that way. Below are the three hottest lesbian and bisexual rappers in Hip Hop. 

3.  Angel Haze
Haze is actually Pansexual, which is the sexual attraction towards people regardless of their sexuality. This means, her love knows no bounds. More or less, she is bisexual. What got me into this girl was her remix of Eminem's Cleaning Out My Closet. She was so emotional, and so articulate with the way she told her story of sexual molestation as a kid.

2.  Azealia Banks
Miss Banks is bisexual. The queen of controversy. She is more known for her drama than her actual music, but that doesn't take way the fact that she is a talented female rapper. There is a theory that mental illness is closely related to creativity, so we pardon Azealia for all her unnecessary drama on social media.

1.  Young M.A
She is one of the hottest new acts on the rap scene right now. Her song OOOUUU has gone on to become a big hit, and it has had countless other rappers making remixes of it. Young M.A is proudly a lesbian, and she is arguably the boldest LGBT rapper hip hop has ever seen. 


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