Did Nick Cannon Marry Mariah Carey Just to Sleep with Her?

Could this be so? Did Nick Cannon marry Mariah Carey just so he could sleep with her? Well, it seems that was what happened. Although they are divorced now, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey got married in 2008 after just knowing each other for a few months.

During his recent interview on Power 105.1 radio, Cannon was asked by one of the hosts whether Mariah Carey made him wait till marriage before letting him have sex with her, and he said...

"Absolutely. And I think we was both on that same page cos I was in that space where I was being celibate at the time and I think that was one of the ways that we bounded. I mean, the first time that we actually sat down and met, you know, it was on some spiritual stuff, like we praying and all that type of stuff, and I was like 'whoa! I didn't even know Mariah had this side to her.' And then a lot of people don't know like, she's a really good girl and conservative when it comes to that and deep into the Bible and all of that and people just wouldn't think about that. So that...we had that connection, and then from there...guys usually ask, 'how can you get married so fast. When you feel like you are on the same wavelength spiritually, and you trying to get to what you trying to get to what you trying to get to...alright, we ain't gone have sex before we get married, so, call the pastor. Let's get this popping." (The Breakfast Club Interview)

He is indirectly saying that, he rushed up his marriage with Mariah Carey just cos he really wanted to have sex with her. Hmm! Interesting. You can watch the video for yourself and make out what he meant.


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