Fat Joe Speaks on What Caused His Isssues with Nas

I'm sure they are cool now, but there was a time Fat Joe was not speaking to Nas for what he felt Nas did wrong. Before then, they were cool buddies. Below is what Fat Joe had to say about the problem he had with Nas in 2005 when Nas squashed his beef with Jay Z.

"Nas is my man since day one. So people don't know I used to ride around the Bronx with Nas...Queens with Nas. So when Nas caught beef with Jay Z (in 2001), they threw the battery in my back like, we got beef with this man. Like, you know what I'm saying? You know, am all muscle, so I'm like, 'Aii!' I move in a certain way. And, the moral to the story is, there's been bad blood between Rocafella and Terror Squad for a long time, and next thing I know I see Nas with Jay Z, you know, it was peace, but it left me in the outskirts of like, he ain't pick up the phone and say, 'yo Joe, I'm about to squash it with this man.'...I would have told him, 'go get money.' Now me and these niggas are feeling a certain way cos I was reppin you hard. You understand what I'm saying? And I felt like...wow! I was frontline for the nigga. If you look at the video, Made You Look and all that, I'm standing with the nigga, am running around with the...I was like, wow!" (ThisIs50 Interview)

I guess Nas really should have called Fat Joe to tell him what's up. But I am sure he was in one of his cocoon moments at the time...being a socially awkward person and all that. His alliance with Fat Joe at the time of his beef with Jay Z did really help Nas street-wise, but really, Fat Joe and Jay Z already had beef before the one with Jay Z and Nas ever happened. Anyway, good thing all the parties involved are cool now. And props to Jay Z for ending his beef with Fat Joe by showing up uninvited to a listening session for Fat Joe's J.O.S.E 2 album back in 2009.


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