Game Speaks on the First Time He Met Nas

Whether it is Nas collaborating with a younger Jadakiss, or working with the late Big Pun before his passing, or working with Game, I always get elated when my favorite rappers end up having a great chemistry in the booth. Game and Nas have done about 5 songs together so far, and in this old interview with Hip Hop DX, Game spoke on how he met Nas.

"When I met Nas I was walking outside of Houston’s in New York. For a Hip Hop legend to be like, ‘Yo son, you Game?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m Game.’ He was like, ‘I heard all your [DJ Whoo Kid] mixtapes you’re really doing your thing, son. I’m Nas. Here go my number. Call me if you need me.’ This was after The Documentary dropped so of course when I’m in New York working on The Doctor’s Advocate, ‘call me if you need me’ sounds legit." (Hip Hop DX Interview)

Their best collaboration still is (Hustlers) off of Nas's Hip Hop is Dead (2006) album. I am still waiting for that collabo album they promised to make many years ago. 


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