Game's Car Collection (2016)

In his over 12 year career, Game has done really good for himself. From doing big numbers out the gate with his first album (The Documentary) in 2005, to going independent and releasing his 6th and 7th albums, and still doing okay after ten years in the game. Today, we are going to look at the cars we can find in Game's garage.

He owns about half a dozen exotic cars, and he painted them all red, to symbolize his affiliation with the Blood Gang in Los Angeles, California. He just got the 2016 Bentley Bentayga (Bentley Truck) three months ago which cost about $270,000. He also owns a Rolls Royce Ghost ($250,000), a Chevrolet Camaro ($30,000), a Jeep Grand Cherokee ($50,000), a Porsche Panamera ($85,000), and the most expensive of his cars, a Lamborghini Aventador ($500,000).

The pictures of the cars appear in the order I have listed them above...happy viewing.


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