Jimmy Henchman Says He Never Intended to Have 50 Cent's Friend Killed

Back in 2007, when Game and 50 Cent were still beefing, and Game was being managed by the infamous Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, Tony Yayo and a crew of 50 Cents affiliates assaulted Henchman's son, who was 14 years old at the time. The main person that put hands on the kid was Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher, a G-Unit affiliate. Two years after this incidence, Lodi Mack was murdered in the Bronx (New York). Investigations linked Jimmy Henchman to the killing, and he was convicted in court, and has been in jail since 2014. But, this week, that case was overturned in court, which simple means the original verdict has been declared null, and there will be a retrial on the case. And this happened because, although the man that killed Lodi Mack was an affiliate of Jimmy Henchman, he has let the world know that Jimmy only sent him to bring Lodi Mack to him for a man to man talk, and not for him to kill Lodi.

Below is what Jimmy Henchman said about the whole thing in an exclusive interview with Hip Hop DX...

“First of all, I don’t think I should’ve been charged for the murder-for-hire because, at the time, the main witness in that case pretty much said I never told him to go kill Lowell Fletcher. I told him to bring Lowell Fletcher to me. But, when you go by the law, in order for you to be guilty, they have to prove the elements of the case. What they did, they brought up the Hot 97 shooting and all of this stuff that I had nothing to do with. I just didn’t understand how me as a manager was being blamed for every Hip Hop shooting that was happening in New York. In that sense, when it came down to the murder-for-hire [the witness confirmed] I never told him to go kill anyone. They charged me anyway with murder-for-hire, which they could’ve never proved but I was found guilty on it." (Hip Hop DX Interview)

If you are wondering, the Hot 97 shooting he is speaking about happened back in 2005 when 50 Cent kicked Game out of G-Unit on live radio, because Game had said he had no issues with Fat Joe, Nas, and Jadakiss...rappers 50 Cent was beefing with at the time (this is what caused the whole Game and 50 Cent beef back in the day). After hearing this, Game and his boys went over to the radio station to confront 50 Cent, and a shootout broke-out between the two cliques. Jimmy Henchman had nothing to do with this, as it was solely between 50 Cent goons and Game's goons.  

Read more on what Henchman had to say about Lowell Fletcher's death...

"But let me be very clear, I never ever told anyone to kill Lowell Fletcher. Did I tell them to bring him in? 100%. I wanted him in front of me so I could show him what a grown man ass-whooping was. If Yayo was man enough to even take a position that… Let’s even examine that. Yayo got some guys that are 32 or 33 years old who see’s a little kid who’s 14-years-old, and he looks 12. When you’re young like that, you’re looking a lot younger than you really are. He 14-years-old but he looked 12. He’s not a big 14. And you have four guys surround this little kid and ask him what he’s doing with a Czar [Entertainment] shirt on and then you assault him. There is no logic in that. I don’t even care what kind of problem you have with someone’s family, there is no reason for you to do that. There’s no logic in that."

Before he went to prison, Jimmy Henchman was the founder and CEO of CZAR entertainment. The company managed artists like Brandy, Akon, Game, Sean Kingston and a few other musicians.


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