Meek Mill's Car Collection

That boy Meek Mill ain't joking...he is a real dream chaser...always doing shows and touring, getting paid from his hard-work. He has quite a number of cars. He owns three Maybach S 600s ($200,000 each). Yea, you heard me right; Meek Mill has 3 black Maybachs. Maybach music for real, right?.

He also owns a Rolls Royce Ghost ($250,000), a black Bentley Mulsanne ($350,000), a black Bentley Bentayga/Bentley Truck ($380,000), a black Mercedes Benz G63 ($120,000), a black Range Rover ($100,000), a Rolls Royce Wraight ($400,000), an Aston Martin Rapide ($220,000).

The cars appear as they are listed above.


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