What Is Really Wrong With Kanye West?

A couple of days ago, Kanye West ended one of his shows 30 minutes in and walked off the stage. He has been going on some crazy 'kanye rants' lately...a lot more than usual. And then yesterday, news broke out that he had been admitted at the hospital because of exhaustion. So what is really wrong with Kanye West?

Apart from the fact that I feel he has burnt himself out, he is using too much of his brain power and creativity. Creative work is not like normal physical work, it takes a lot more energy to get creative work done than it does to get physical work done, but if you have never tried to create (write a song, a story, design a dress, come up with a groundbreaking idea, etc), you may not really understand this.  When you overwork yourself physically, you get tired physically, but when you overwork yourself mentally, you get mentally tired, and it affects other parts of your whole human system.

From being a creative person myself who has overworked himself creatively too many times (I once completed a short book in the time it took for my friends to go and come back from church), I know they are always consequences of overusing your genius. It is bad when you are overusing too much creativity on one project in a very short period of time, now think of the crazy effect someone like Kanye would feel as he tries to record songs, rehearse for his shows and come up with creative ideas to please his fans, work on his fashion designs, work on the models that would model his wears perfectly, etc. It is bound to take a toll on him.

Some of the side effects of overworking yourself mentally are- snapping on people unnecessarily, getting too emotional, getting angry easily, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, and a host of other effects I can't think of right now. When creatives create their greatest works, something suffers in their actual life. Psychologists have found a correlation between creativity and mental illness...so, Kanye's behaviors lately are not really shocking to me.

The best thing Kanye needs right now is to totally detach himself from all his work for a while. It doesn't have to be for weeks or months, maybe just like 6-7 days of total detachment from the crazy showbiz world (maybe at a resort somewhere), and he would feel great and rejuvenated afterwards.

All that talk of him being under spiritual attack is all hogwash. But it will have power and manifest in his life if he actually believes and gives room to the bullshit. Pardon my French. I wish him and his family all the best.


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