White America Is Highly Racists Towards African Americans in 2016

I watched Mr. Church yesterday night; a lovely movie staring Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson. What caught my attention in the movie was a scene in the beginning where the little girl walked into the kitchen while Eddie Murphy was cooking, and quietly walked back upstairs to wake her mom up and say, "Mom, there is a black man in our kitchen cooking eggs." It was like to her, that was an abomination. Yea, it is a movie, but most movies portray what really goes on in the real world. That part of the movie was set in 1971, so I still understand that racism in America was really high back then. But I never believed it was still really that bad in America of 2016.

That movie didn't make me write this article, something else made me do. Rick Ross currently trying to sell one of his homes, and TMZ carried the news 4 days ago. Most of the people that go on TMZ are white, and they were all saying that he probably won't be able to sell it cos the house stinks...insinuating that African Americans smell.

Below are some of the comments I lifted off the story...

"Planet of the Apes is missing its co star."

"You'll have to cut the price even more cause I'm going to have to fumigate the whole place!"

"People walk into the house and ask What's That Smell?"

"You'll never get the smell out."

"At least it does not smell like ammonia sweat like that of the white people."

"Yeah, probably smells like one of the ships you and the rest of your cheap labor family came over on.. thank God the president is again white."

"I would never live in a house owned by Rick Ross...ghetto."

This is a link to the story- http://www.tmz.com/2016/11/13/rick-ross-lowers-price-florida-mansion/

This is quite disturbing. I used to think at least the younger generation of white people weren't as racists as the older ones, but I guess I was wrong.  


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