Album Review: 4 Your Eyez Only

I want to review this album to give people an idea what to expect from it. J Cole dropped his fourth album yesterday after just one week notice. You can say this album is kinda similar to his last album (2014 Forest Hills Drive) in that it has no features, and Cole isn't even trying to make songs for the radio. This album is nothing like his first two albums.

It starts off with some lazy sing song delivery from J Cole, and then goes on to the next track, Immortal which ups the tempo a bit, but all through the album, it is mostly lows than highs. What I mean is that, in the bead to not make hit songs, Cole took things a bit too far and got lazy with his rap skills. Yea, he passes great messages on his songs, but you can do that and still make great songs. The whole album is about his friend that got killed in the streets, and the guy's daughter, so there are a couple of songs where he is rapping from his friend's point of view. Nice concept. 

I still feel J Cole's best album out of the four he has released till date is 2013's Born Sinner. The album had great songs and he still was lyrical, and showed Cole's rap skills on every song. With this albums, apart from songs like Deja Vu, Change, Neighbors, and 4 Your Eyez Only, most of the other songs have Cole not even trying to impress on the mic. But the album closed well though...the album title track, 4 Your Eyez Only which is the last track on the album is superb. From start to finish, the 8 minute long song is dope.

Over all, I would give this album a 3.5 rating out of 5.


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