5 Famous Female Celebrities Scott Storch Dated at the Peak of His Career

It is a fact that money would attract a lot of women to any man, so it is no surprise that at the peak of his career, Scott Storch dated some of the finest women in the American entertainment industry. Before I g on with the list, I would like to give a quick history of this man called Scott Storch.

Yea, you might know him as the beat-maker/music producer who made over $70 million in a space of three years and blew it all. But, I would like to go to the very beginning where it all started. He started out playing the Keyboard for the legendary hip hop band, The Roots in the early 90s, and then started working with Dr. Dre around the late 90s after being with The Roots for over 5 years. He co-produced some of Dre's biggest hits from that period till he left Aftermath to start his own thing in 2004, producing some big hit songs, e.g, Fat Joe's Lean Back, Beyonce's Naughty Girl, Mario's Let Me Love You, 50 Cent's Candy Shop, etc.

He was a nerd till the money and the fame came, and he went overboard with his partying and stunting. He dated the hottest girls, and had the most expensive exotic cars in their dozens. He was the first American to get the Bugatti Veyron (Ralp Lauren was the first) and he paid $1.7 million for it. He was doing just fine till the excessive use of cocaine made him lose focus of work, fall into depression, and then become bankrupt.

Below are the some of the famous female celebrities he dated at the peak of his career.

1.  Lil Kim (2004- 2005)
This was like his first love in the industry. They dated for a while, and also worked on a couple of songs together. He gave her one of the biggest hits of her career- Lighters Up. Scott Storch even proposed to Lil Kim, but as she said and I quote- "I said yes, but not now." Apparently, he proposed to her in 2005 around the time she was meant to be going to prison for a year, and she thought it was wrong timing. The relationship didn't last long after Kim wet to jail.

2.  Erica Mena (2005-2006)
He dated Erica Mena for a short while around 2005-2006. In case you don't know her, she is a model/TV personality, and she has also dated Bow Wow.

3.  Paris Hilton (2006)
This was the girl he said really brought out the freaky side of him and made him go all Hollywood and wild. They started out as friends as he was working on her album at the time, and then they became lovers. I guess spending countless nights alone in the studio working on songs was responsible for this relationship.

Kim Kardashian (2007)
Now, this is the funny one, because Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were like best of friends while Storch was dating Paris, so it was odd that he would then end up with her friend. Well, stuff like that happen all the time, right?

Lindsay Lohan (2007)
He dated Lindsay around the time he was going broke,so obviously the relationship didn't last too long.


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