Drake Speaks on Getting $10,000 From Dr. Dre for His Contribution on Detox

Although the album never came out, Drake was one of the many rappers that worked on Dr. Dre's Detox, which was meant to be Dre's third album, but never dropped. This was in the late 2000s, and Drake was not a known name in the hip hop world at the time. Dre heard one of his underground tracks, and flew him to LA to work on Detox.

Drake shared this information during his recent interview with DJ Semtex. Below are his words on the event.

"...I had a song that Omen produced. Umm! It was me and Mickey Factz. You remember Mickey Factz, right? Somebody else was on it men, I think, but..So, umm, Dre had heard the song, and he had hit me like, 'men, I need proof that you wrote this.' So, he's like it was like, this is...I had to fax him the lyrics of the song. I had to send him a fax message, like from my Mom's fax machine in her bedroom, I sent him a fax. And umm, and, you know, at that time Detox was going on. It was more just like, he had like a camp of people, just, I guess, you know, churning out ideas and just trying to get, you know, spark something. And I was, umm, I was flown out to record at Record One, umm, which is Legendary Studios, and yea, I was in there for a while, umm! I did a lot of work. Me and 40. Umm! I always brought 40 with me. That was like a stipulation in my career. I wouldn't move without 40. So, brought 40 and got to meet a lot of great people. Obviously got to work with Dre.Umm! And umm, it kind of all came to an end when I...Dre gave me...He brought me into his office, he's like "men, you're doing really good work, and he gave me a 10 thousand dollar check. And, I...it was the most money I had ever had in my life. And at the time I was in a relationship. So, I, I got the money and I like called my girl, and flew my girl down to LA and I was like, 'yo, we could get a hotel, this is crazy like...' You know, it was just a joyous moment for me. And I had missed studio. I had done something wrong. You know, just...I had let that...I had let my mind deviate from work and I had missed something. And umm, you know next thing I know, I was sent home, and that was kind of it. It was a huge life lesson for me" (Drake's Interview with DJ Semtex)

He had his shot with Dre and blew it. lol! Good thing he had another shot at it. Great thing he learnt about the importance of discipline on the path to success early in his career.  


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