First Week Sales Prediction of Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "Plata O Plomo" Album

The duo of Fat Joe and Remy Ma have finally dropped their collaborative album, Plata O Plomo, and I want to attempt to predict what it would sell in its first week in stores. The album was meant to have dropped in the second quarter of last year (2016), but Fat Joe said (in a recent interview) he held it back because people on his team said he should allow singles off the album bring in enough money before releasing the full album. Th the first single off the album, All The Way Up has already sold over 1 million copies since it was released in March of 2016. 

The album (Plato O Plomo) dropped yesterday and has a total of 12 tracks. Fat Joe has never really been a big seller, neither has his rap partner, Remy Ma, but they have created a healthy buzz online recently which has gotten them new fans. But still, I don't expect the album to sell monumentally. I would say it would sell between 40-60k copies first or minus. I heard the album is nice though, and I am just happy the duo are able to still be releasing albums after being in the game for 20 plus years. 

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  2. Update-
    Numbers are coming in slowly and they don't look good. The sales of the album is going to turn out a lot lower than I predicted. I would sell it would say between 10-12k first or minus. I feel for Remy cos she really believed are 3.5 million Instagram followers would support her hard. In a recent interview, she said even if at least half of them buy the album she would be good. With social media, know that you only have a dedicated 1%...or maybe 0.1%.

  3. The numbers are in. The album sold 11,158 copies in its first week out.


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