Game Explains Why He Kicked Some Black Girls Out of His Party

Over the weekend, California rapper, Game had a small party at his house, and then a video surfaced of a girl claiming she was kicked out of the party because of the color of her skin. She said Game kicked her and her friends out of the party because he didn't want 'dark meat' at his party. Hmm! That sounds odd.

Anyway, Game spoke with TMZ some few hours ago to clarify things. Below is what he had to say about the whole incidence. Speaking about the party, he said...

"It was in my home. It wasn't like it was in 'Dave & Busters.'  I wasn't discriminatory or nothing...they were here about 20 minutes, they made a few drinks, they ate some Pizza, so I started asking people, 'Do you know them?' So I had somebody ask them who did they know and they said, 'oh, we just heard about it so we came.' So then they were asked to leave because they didn't know anyone and I can't be having random people at my crib." (Game's Interview with TMZ)

Well, I guess the man is justified. It's not everyone that is comfortable with strangers being in their homes. And, yea, this doesn't seem like it was about race at all. 


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