Master P Speaks on Whether Or Not He is Broke

Master P has been off the music scene for a while and people have the belief that the man has totally fallen off, and is now broke. In his recent interview on the Power 105.1 Fm morning radio show, one of the hosts spoke on his recent Instagram stunting, showing off his Rolls Royce cars and all that, and asked why he started doing that all of a sudden, P indirectly told them on the show that he started doing that when people he grew up with in his projects back in the day were calling him asking if he was okay.

Read what he said about this below...

"Yea, you know what? So, I'ma tell y'all...Now, you know sometimes, so you could see social media...and I got phone calls from people that I grew up with that live in the projects where I come from. And they all asking me questing like, 'Men! You okay?' I'm like 'Okay? I'm live a mansion, you in the project. You telling me...asking me if I'm okay? Is you okay?"

Funny, right? Then he went on to be sarcastic and say, "You Know I am (broke). I ain't know what I'm saying (laughs). Anybody out there watching, I am. Look, I got nothing, I can't help y'all with nothing. I'm starting over, this is the rebuilding stage for me." (Interview on the Breakfast Club Show)

Back in the day, on that Forbes list for Hip Hop artists, it used to be Puff Daddy, Master P, and then Jay Z. But he has kind of completely gone off the list, so it is understandable that people would want to know what's up with him. He might not be as rich as he once was, but he sure ain't broke. He still lives in a mansion, owns two Rolls Royce's, and can probably get anything he wants. As a matter of fact, his girlfriend got him a 2016 Rolls Royce Ghost as a Valentine Gift last week. Think about that. 


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