Puff Daddy Becomes Hip Hop's First Billionaire

I think it's about time. I mean, this man has been worth half a billion for damn near 15 years. How hard can it be to add another half a billion, right? lol! I guess it really is hard, but glad to know that Mr. Sean Combs. Puff Daddy, A.K.A P Diddy is the first billionaire in Hip Hop.

He celebrated this with a short video he posted on Youtube a few hours ago. And yea, for those saying Dr. Dre is the first Hip Hop billionaire, sorry to bust your bubble, Dre is still worth about $710,000. Yea, he sold his Beats By Dre for $3 billion dollars, but Jimmy Iovine had an equal share of that money, and after taxes, the money he got was about $600 million.

It will interest you to know that there are only two black billionaires in America; Diddy is going to be the third. Kudos to him. His investments and businesses include- Bad Boy Records, Ciroc Vodka, Revolt TV, AQUAhydrate, etc.

Below is the the Youtube video he put up to celebrate his billionaire status.


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