Who Will Win a Rap Battle Between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma?

Although Remy Ma has denied in several interviews that she has no issues with Nicki Minaj, if you pay close attention to most of her recent lyrics, you would know that she has been throwing shots at Nicki non stop lately. So I want to ask you guys, who do you think would win in a lyrical battle between these two Femcees?

Let me shed a little more light on the shots Remy has been throwing at Nicki. On her and Fat Joe's Money Showers single, she rapped- 'Bitch claiming she the queen, what? Not hardly/Who the fuck gave you your crown bitch? Steve Harvey?" This is clearly a direct shot at Nicki, who has been claiming the tittle of  the Queen of rap music for a while now.

And on the entire intro track (Warning) on her and Fat Joe's recently released collaborative album, Plato O Plomo, she is obviously going at Nicki. In fact, some music websites labeled the song a Nicki Minaj diss. Let me pick some lines from the song..."How dare you allow people to compare you/Better be careful cos I don't care you/Tried to be my friend, but I didn't care to/Bob and weave ya'll hoes like hairdo...When you scared to death, and your flunkies is scared too/Felt your heart trembling when I came near you/Beatin outta your chest, I thought it would tear through...They said for me to blow that I had to air you/Could have ended your career, but I spared you."

Rem came on the scene long before Nicki, but she went to jail for 7 years (between 2008-2014) for shooting someone in the stomach. So, to some people, Remy Ma is a newcomer. Normally in Hip Hop, there is this mentality that if you want to be considered the best, you have to go at and knockout the person the people have put in that top position. We saw it when 50 Cent came on the scene ad went at Nas, and Jadakiss. When Nicki Minaj herself came on the scene, she went straight for Lil Kim's jugular. On Control, Kendrick Lamar put himself on the same level with the greats (Eminem, Nas, Jay Z...) and openly told his peers that he is trying to murder them all. That's Hip Hop for you; it is like a competitive sport. So, it is not surprising that Remy would be going at Nicki.

To be honest, I don't know who would win, cos they are both lyrical monsters. I think Nicki might have a little edge though cos she is witty and can do all these funny voices and all that, but Remy is mean on the mic for real, so this would be a really interesting rap beef if they would stop playing around and officially declare war on themselves. This would be lovely for Hip Hop. We haven't had a real interesting rap beef/battle for a while now. It is always one side coming harder, but with these two females, I think they would claw at themselves till one dies. lol! Not real death, but death on the mic.

So, what do you guys think? Nicki Minaj? Remy Ma? Who would win a rap battle?


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