Cardi B Says People Need to Put Some Respect on Her Name

A lot is happening in Hop Hop right now that is hard for even me to keep up. I mean, there is a new artist on the scene like every week. One of the new female rappers popping on the scene right now is Cardi B. Yea, she ain't so new, but she is beginning to really get big. In her recent interview on Power 105.1 FM, she said she feels people think what she does is easy, and that people need to put some respect on her name.

Below is what Cardi B said about demanding more respect from Hip Hop music listeners.

"I want a certain type of respect like, umm! Yea! I want some respect on my name. Speak with some respect on my name. You know what I'm saying? Like, I really be bussing my ass, and I feel like people think it is kinda easy for me, and it's like 'No, like, I work.'And it's just like I am really tired of people trying to like...a lot of people say, oh, it's like, you know when people be saying certain things like 'Oh, you be sucking and F'ing' to get where am at. It's like, you think I fucked Mona Scott." (Cardi B Interview on the Breakfast Club Show)

Yup! I feel her. Nothing good comes easy. People never see the hard-work, they only see the product of the hard-work and think it is easy to achieve a certain level of success. 


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