Cardi B Talks About Her Past Insecurities and Low Self Esteem

Female Latino rapper, Cardi B became popular from staring in  the reality TV show, Love and Hip Hop. She is no longer on the show, and is currently focusing more on her rap career right now. In her recent interview on VLAD TV, she spoke about her past insecurities and dealing with low self esteem while she was working as a stripper.

Below is what Cardi B had to say about dealing with low esteem in the past, which was the reason why she went and got breast implants and made her ass bigger by getting butt injections.

"When I first went to the strip club, I always feel like I was pretty. I always feel like I was pretty. I always feel like I had a nice body. I was never comfortable with my boobs. I've been saying I wanted to get my boobs done ever since I was sixteen, because I...I always knew that I was gonna have small boobs cos my whole family got small boobs. But, umm! When I got to the strip club it got worse like I always knew I wanted to get my boobs (done) but it wasn't a necessity. But when I got there, I felt like it was a necessity to get them done. And so I got them done. And then, umm! I used to work in like...I'd say a 'white' strip club. You know what I'm saying. The strip club in downtown. And it's like, I always loved my skin complexion, but I noticed that the Russian and the white girls was making more money than colored girls or girl like me. And it started making me feel like...I wonder how I would be if I was to make more money if I was light skin...I definitely don't want to be more lighter than this color like I love my color. If anything, I sometimes I wanna look even darker. But it just make you feel...some time it make you feel damn you no even good enough. And then when I went to the urban clubs, the clubs in the hood, I started to feel like damn am not thick enough, like now I gotta get my ass done. So, it kinda make you feel like, like your self esteem always goes down." Cardi B Interview on VLAD TV)

Hmm! This could actually be the story of most of those Instagram models and video vixens out there. For some funny reason, I kinda like this girl more after this interview.


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