Clark Kent Speaks on How Jay Z and Biggie Met

I remember hearing a story back in the day that Jay Z and Biggie went to the same high school and had become close since then till they blew up on the hip hop scene. Even if they did attend school together, they probably weren't close, cos Jay Z was three years Biggie's senior. Back then, I believed this story, and I am sure a lot of rap music listeners also believe they were best of buddies because they made songs together, and did shows together. But after hearing Faith Evans say in recent interview that Jay Z and Biggie were not really close, I decided to do some research. I discovered that they always had a certain level of respect for each other, but never met till a mutual friend of their's, Clark Kent, introduced them at the recording session of Jay Z's Brooklyn's Finest song off Reasonable Doubt (1996), which featured Biggie.

In a recent Revolt TV interview, DJ Clark Kent, a music producer who made a lot of songs for both Biggie and Jay Z spoke on how their first collaboration came to his words below.

"...he heard it by accident (the Brooklyn's Finest beat), it was made for Jay. And umm! He heard it, and was like I want it. And I was like I can't, it's for my boy Jay. He was like, yo you give him everything. He was like, yo at least let me be on it. And in my mind am going 'Great!' But, you know, they don't know...they don't know each other. They knew him successfully like yea, he's doing his thing...solo respect for him, but like, we doing our thing over here, and we don't know them....You know, when I went to the studio to record it for Jay, I was like yo just come with me to the studio but wait downstairs. And, he did. And Jay records his song, and I probably should have said it before he recorded the whole song...I was like, yo you should put Big on it. He was like, I don't know him. I was like, you know he's my man. He was like, well if you can make it happen, it's all good. And Dame was like, we don't know him, and fuck Puff (Diddy), we ain't giving him no money. And umm! That was the attitude at that precise moment. We were just building Rocafella so it was we are not giving anybody money for anything...I acted like I was going to the bathroom, went downstairs, brought him up, and, when they met, it was like they didn't even have to talk. Because there was so much respect between them. That respect was me kept pounding into Biggie's head, 'This dude is amazing. This dude is amazing. This dude is amazing.' I didn't have to do that with Jay cos Big's records were out." (Clark Kent Revolt TV Interview)

I guess they became friends after that, but Big passed away less than a year afterwards, on March 9th, 1997. Good thing we got another dope collaboration from the two great MC's on Biggie's Life After Death...the title of the track? I Love the Dough...One of my favorites off the Life After Death. 


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