Drake Speaks on Why He Started Singing More

Drake has always been known for switching between rapping and singing on his songs, but the last couple of years, he has been doing a lot more singing than rapping. In his recent interview with UK's DJ Semtex, he explained that he made a conscious decision to sing more on his song after Meek Mill told the world that he uses ghost writers for most of his rap verses.

During the interview, he was speaking about his Views album and how it came about, and then went on to say why he sang more than he rapped on the album.

"To be, you know, completely honest with you, I was having trouble, umm, figuring myself out in rap at that time. I was a very defensive individual, you know just coming off the situations that I had come off of. I was having trouble trying to make, you know, rap music where I was able to pill back the lyricism. You know, every time I made a song, you know, 40 would, he was always very bluntly honest with me, he would be like, 'men, you sound like aggressive, or defensive.' And I was trying to figure out why. And I realized it was just, you know, reaction to my previous situation that had kinda happened (the ghostwriting situation)...There was a time where I actually thought about of taking off all the rap off of Views and just making it like an album full of music that made me happy, with melody." (Drake's Interview with DJ Semtex)

Meek Mill went on Twitter to tell the world about Drake using ghostwriters some time in July of 2015, which was when Drake was working on his Views album. So, now you know who is indirectly responsible for Drake's songs like Hotline Bling and One Dance and


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