Drake Wanted to Be Signed by Trey Songz

Yup! That's what we learnt during Trey Songz latest interview with New York radio station, Power 105.1 FM. Apparently, before the world knew who Drake was, he and Trey Songz were already buddies. Trey was on Drake's Replacement Girl song back in 2007, and they became closer after that. At the time, Drake didn't have a record label, but Trey Songz was just starting out his label, and Drake wanted to be signed to his label.

Read his words on this below...

"The thing about it is that Drake wont be Drake if we made that decision. Drake wanted to sign to me at a time when I wasn't even Trey Songz yet. Like, we had arguments about Drake wanting to...like, you can't sing to me. Like, at that time I felt like...Me and my label weren't even in a good place where is though they believed in my potential. So, you know, and I took Drake to many executives, and a lot of people said no. Like I had to fight to get Replacement Girl on BET's 106 & Park." (Trey Songz The Breakfast Club Interview)

Interesting. True. Drake wouldn't have been Drake if he had signed to Trey Songz. I guess the universe always has a way of matching people up with the right individuals that can take them to the level they need to be at. Like for example, Eminem recently told Fat Joe that he tried to get him to sign him to his label, Terror Squad, but Fat Joe ignored him. Fat Joe said he can't even remember, but Eminem listed all the spots were he gave Fat Joe his demo back in the 90s. If Fat Joe had signed Eminem to Terror Squad, he might not have been the right vehicle that Eminem needed to reach the top, and things might not have turned out the way they did for him. 


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