Faith Evans Says Jay Z and Biggie Were Not Really Close Friends

Yesterday was Biggie's 20th death anniversary, so a lot of talk of one of the greatest rappers ever has been going on on the Internet. Yesterday, the Breakfast Club Crew (DJ Envy, and Charlamagne the god) interviewed Biggie's widow, singer Faith Evans, and she was asked whether Jay Z was really that close to Biggie back in the day, and she answered with...

"To my knowledge, they didn't spend a lot of time together back then. Actually, I remember Busta (Rhymes) used to come to our house everyday looking for Big...He always used to kind of try and catch up with him and hang out with him for a minute." (Faith Evans Interview on the Breakfast Club Show)

Jay Z and Biggie had two songs together (one on Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt (1996), and the other on Biggie's Life After Death Album (1997), and they did a lot of shows together, so it was assumed that they were pretty close back then. And of cos, Jay Z shouted Biggie out on songs for many years after Big passed. I guess they really weren't that close. They probably just had a mutual respect for each other's skills on the mic.


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