Fat Joe Speaks About Big Pun's Death

In case you don't know, Big Pun is still one of the biggest selling Latino rappers in Hip Hop history. His first album, Capital Punishment went platinum back when it was released in 1998, and it made him the first Latino rapper to go platinum. Fat Joe had signed him to Terror Squad Records in 1995 after hearing him rap outside a store. They remained friends/business associates till Pun passed away from a heart attack in 2000.

In his recent interview (a couple of days ago) on Hot 97 radio, Fat Joe was asked by Funk Master Flex if he knew Big Pun was not in a good place health-wise before his passing, and he said...

"I didn't know nothing. I was eating just as much as Big Pun. And we was hanging out the same way. We knew he was a big guy since I met, did I think he would die? No way. He was a young kid. He was in his twenties."

Hmm! Sad to think we lost such a rare gem at such a young age. During the course of the interview, Fat Joe also went on to answer another Funk Flex question about where he was when he heard Big  Pun had died.

"Well his wife called me, and I was living in Jersey, and I could hear it over the phone. She was like, 'Yo! He died!' And I heard...he ain't die, 'He caught a heart attack. He's here.' So we rushed all the way up to board planes. We might have got there in like fifteen minutes. And when we got there we seen the ambulance, people still working on him. And umm!And...that was it. Then we went to the hospital and he was dead. That was crazy my nigga. Like I ain't even gonna lie to you. That was like nuts. It's just no way to explain it to you men! And he died. We thought he was strong." Fat Joe Interview with Funk Flex on Hot 97 Radio)


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