Nicki Minaj Called DJ Envy and Charlamagne Fake for Not Supporting Her Against Remy Ma

The hottest thing in Hip Hop right now is the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef. A lot of Nicki Minaj fans have said Nicki wasn't taking shots at Remy Ma, but that is a lie. On Monday morning, on his show (The Breakfast Club show), Charlamagne said Nicki texted her and DJ Envy calling them fake and phony for supporting Remy Ma's Shether joint, but not supporting her own two diss verses thrown at Remy Ma days before Shether dropped.

Below is what Charlamagne the god had to say about the whole thing on their Breakfast Club show on Monday...

"Umm! Nicki actually text me this weekend. She text you too Envy. She called us both phony and fake. The reason she called me phony and fake was because I tweeted that 'Remy Ma is so disrespectful' after the diss record came out. And Nicki said I didn't say anything about her two verses that she put out this week (last week)." (The Breakfast Club show)

The two verses Nicki put out are her verse on Jason Derulo's Swalla, and her verse on Gucci Mane's Make Love song. You see, Nicki went at Remy back to back last week, and Rem had had enough, so she went in the studio and recorded Shether less than 48 hours after the Make Love (Gucci Mane song featuring Nicki Minaj) song dropped. So, people should stop saying Nicki wasn't going at Remy.


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