Nicki Minaj's Response to Remy Ma (Pics)

Like 9 days ago when Remy Ma dropped her Nicki Minaj diss track (Shether), everyone thought we were going to have a lot of back and forth disses from the two female rappers, but Nicki has shown that she is not ready to go bar for bar with the Terror Squad first lady. In fact, in a recent interview, Funk Flex said he heard from a reliable source that Nicki said she wasn't going to give Remy any attention by responding to her on wax. Nicki might be playing it cool and all, but from all her recent moves online, it is obvious she wasn't expecting such a shattering blow from Remy, so she decided the right path to go was to respond by showing the world that she was not bothered, and thus she has resorted to posting multiple pictures of herself in very sexy poses.

I guess her response to the Remy Ma diss is to try and show the world that she is sexier, bigger, and more successful than Remy. Below are some of the pictures she has posted on her Instagram since the Shether diss dropped.


  1. This Nicki Minaj is fucked up let her go on bars with Remy,,, her diss is no shit to Remy ahswear


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