Remy Ma is the Queen of Rap Music

I don't care what anyone says, but right now, Remy Ma is the queen of rap. She successfully dethroned Nicki Minaj when she released her Nicki Minaj diss song, Shether two weeks ago. It took Nicki Minaj two weeks to respond to Remy, and she had to go get Drake and Lil Wayne on the song, so that their fans will also help get her more popularity. This isn't a popularity contest, neither is it about who has more money, or more friends in the industry...this is a rap battle, period! And right now, Remy Ma has proven without a reasonable doubt, that when it comes to rapping, she is better than Nicki Minaj, and this makes her the queen of rap.

Nicki Minaj keeps making everything about money, and record sales. It ain't about that. We rap enthusiasts want to hear bars. I won't deny that Nicki Minaj is more talented when it comes to making pop songs for radio, but Remy Ma is a more superior rapper than her. So, Nicki Minaj can continue to be the queen of pop-rap, while Remy Ma wears that crown of the queen of rap.

It is just so funny to me when Nicki had to go get all her friends in the industry to fight this battle with her, and she has been blasting and abusing all the people that are not backing her, like DJ Envy and Charlamagne. She went and got her friends like Ariana Grande, Jhene Aiko, and Selana Gomez to post short videos of themselves listening to her Remy Ma diss song (No Frauds), to make it look like she is winning the battle. No ma! That ain't how a rap battle is fought. Show us you can rap better than Remy Ma.

Let's look at some the legendary beefs in Hip Hop...When LL Cool J and Canibus were beefing it was about bars. When Ice Cube was going at Eazy E and the whole NWA, it was about bars. When Game and 50 Cent were beefing, it was about bars. When Jay Z and Nas were beefing, even though Jay Z was way richer than Nas at the time, he came with the bars; he didn't try to use his fame to win the rap battle. Nicki Minaj had the crown for so long, and Remy Ma has snatched it off her head. She needs to come at Remy with bars and show us why she should be considered the queen of rap. Before that happens, REMY MA remains the new QUEEN OF RAP MUSIC. In fact,


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