Ron Browz Talks About Producing Nas's Ether Beat

It has gone on to be one of the best rap diss songs in Hip Hop history, but at the time, the maker of the beat, Ron Browz had no idea his beat was going to put his name in the Hip Hop history books. He was just a 18 year old Harlem kid making beats, hoping for a better life. He had no idea that 16 years later, that beat would still be talked about heavily in Hip Hop circles, and be used by Remy Ma in her diss record (shETHER) towards Nicki Minaj.

 In his latest interview on VLAD TV, he speaks on how the beat got to his words below.

"At that time, you know, you had to be a big name like...Swizz, Timbaland, you know, Pharell. It was hard getting beats to artists. I had a manager at the time, Foz, and he had relationship with Nas travel agent. So, it's like...yo, can you give it to him? Can you pass it on to him? And she passed it on to him, and umm! I remember, we, I remember getting a phone call like in the summer time, and he like, 'yo, i;ma use this beat.' I was like aii, whatever. You know am a Harlem kid, am outside I ain't really thinking about it or nothing. The whole summer go pass. I'm like he ain't using that beat. The day I get the call in December. 'Yo, nas want you to come to the studio and hear what he did to the beat.' And I get to the studio and you know, Nas is calm, he's eating an Apple, you know, he's like very calm. He's like, 'yo, play the joint for him.' And I hear it and I'm just like aww men! Like I couldn't believe it that that's what he used the beat for. I didn't have no idea of what he gonna say or nothing...I was like, my friend's ain't gonna believe I did this." (Ron Browz Interview on VLAD TV)

He went on to have a very successful career afterwards (as a beat-maker and also as an artist), and even produced another diss track for Nas aimed at Jay Z- Last Real Nigga Alive off Nas's Godson (2002) album.


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