Bizzy Bone Gives Reason Why He Feels Mumble Rap is Popping Right Now

Rappers like Future, Travis Scott, and Young Thug have become very rich and successful from being mumble rappers, and a lot of mumble rappers are getting on the scene everyday. So why is mumble rap popping right now? Member of the Legendary rap group, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Bizzy Bone spoke on this during his recent interview on VLAD TV

"It's just one of those kind of people, they bounce. You don't have to be a super great rapper in other to make it, and there's a lot of street dudes that get it in. You dig? And...And they rise, and people love tragedy to triumph. They like to have that for inspiration. So that's what I see with the mumble rappers. It ain't like they could do a song with Rakim, or they get respect, but they have a lot know, they have a lot of fans, a lot of kids know, you don't to train your mind to listen to something you don't understand anyway when the beat is already slamming."

He summed it up pretty well. 


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