Damian Marley Speaks on the Legalization of Cannabis in America

Cannabis, A.K.A, Weed, A.K.A Marijuana has been legalized in like half a dozen states (Oregon, California, Colorado, etc) in America. This is means that, medical and recreational use of weed is not illegal in these states. During his recent interview with Hip Hop DX, reggae veteran, Damian Marley spoke on what he feels is the best part of legalizing Marijuana in America.

“The most intriguing part of it to me so far has been all of the developments in terms of the medical purposes really,” he says. “Because of course we’ve been smoking for years and it’s always been a part of our culture. So that’s nothing new really for us. So what comes out in all of the recent developments on the medical side and all of the illnesses that it’s helping, that’s really interesting to me...The use of CBD so far of what we know of it’s been used for example, kids, or I guess people in general, I guess who have seizures, it’s been shown to have promising results in that department,” he continues. “Of course with cancer patients, helping people to regain their appetite after they take certain treatments and whatnot. It’s showing good promise in a lot of those areas.”


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