DJ Khaled Finally Gets Verse From Drake For His Grateful Album

For the last couple of weeks, DJ Khaled has been calling up Drake to send in a verse for a song that's supposed to be on Khaled's upcoming album (Grateful). I guess Drake was busy, cos he didn't get back to Khaled fast enough, and Khaled took to social media to reach out to his constant collaborator. I guess that paid off.

During his latest interview with Zane Lowe on Beat 1 Radio, DJ Khaled spoke about the blessings of working with Drake.

"We ain't never gon' stop Zane. When it's a Drake and Khaled collaboration, it's special," the We The Best Music producer and motivational speaker said. "And the fans not only want it, they involve with it. I'm here to tell everybody how special...all our fans are. Ya'll inspire us to make the biggest anthems. If you notice when Khaled and Drake put a record out, they the biggest. I can tell you this Zane, summer's ours." (DJ Khaled's Interview with Zane Lowe)

Drake has been on Khaled's hits such as...Fed Up, I'm On One, and For Free.


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