Freeway Talks About First Time Meeting Nas After Their Beef

Back in the days of the Nas and Jay Z beef, the first direct response Nas gave to Jay Z's 2001 summer jam stage diss was a track titled Stillmatic. On that track, Nas not only went at Jay, he went at Beanie Siegel, Freeway, and the all Rocafella crew. They all came back at him individually, and as a collective whole on different songs. This meant Freeway had diss tracks aimed at Nas.

Those times are in the past now. Nas and Jay Z have long squashed their beef, and were even business partners at one point. In his recent DJ VLad interview, former Rocefella Records artist, Freeway spoke about the first time he met Nas after their beef.

"I remember umm! It was the Roc Boys video. First time me and Nas really got to chop it up. I was...I had...after I shot my part, I had to leave cos I had a show tat night, so Nas was leaving out the same time. And I'm like 'damn dog.' I know I was coming at your neck and everything, but I fucking your shit. I was like they used to call me the Philly Nas.' He was like, 'na Free, I love your shit too. I listen to all your shit, I love your shit.' He gave me a hug, then he got in th wrong Maybach. He got into Jay Maybach, then he got out and said 'this ain't my Maybach.' Then he got in his Maybach and pulled up." 


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