Funk Flex Calls Drake a Fraud

In a short video that hit the Internet yesterday, New York legendary DJ, Funk Flex called Drake a fraud. Funk Master Flex is one big bully. Why won't he just leave Drake alone. lol! If you didn't know, Flex was the one who released the Drake reference tracks online back in 2015. And if you don't know what reference tracks are, they are tracks made by a ghost writer for the rapper paying the ghostwriter. The ghostwriter writes what the rapper wants, goes in the booth to record the verses, and then the rapper paying the ghostwriter then goes in and raps/mimes the already recorded verse or verses with his own voice. Flex leaked the reference tracks Quentin Miller made for Drake on the "If You Are Reading This, It's Too Late. mixtape"

Below are Funk Flex' words concerning Drake and ghostwriting. 

“Before the reference track we would have to say he was No. 1. Now n-gga since the reference tracks, and since you ain’t writing, you not top 5. You know it; everyone’s saying it. And the only reason why we’re having Kendrick talk to be honest because it’s a slot open. People weren’t saying Kendrick top 5 before Drake bowed out...Now what has happened is there was a fraud, a f-cking fraud in the pack that’s why there’s a slot open. A f-ckng fraud.”  


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