G-Eazy Gives Update on His Upcoming Album

It has no title yet, but according to Hip Hop DX, G-Eazy has been working on his 5th album for some time now, and it is almost ready. He said he locked himself in his home studio for four months to work on the album. His last album, When It's Dark Out had singles like Me, Myself, and I, Drifting, and Some Kind of Drug. It has so far sold over a million copies and has been certified Platinum by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Last weekend, Hip Hop DX caught up with G-Eazy at a musical event, and made him spill the beans on his upcoming album. Below is what he had to say about that.

“The album is almost done. I mean it’s never done. You never know when it’s done. You find a time to say ‘Ok I got to turn it in. That’s it.’ But, it’s incredible. I can tell you that. It’s the best work I’ve ever made. The most honest. The most pure. Everything. I just locked myself in the studio for four months. I built one in my house and that’s all I do. I became a hermit and didn’t leave the house.”


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