JD Speaks on People Disrespecting the American President (Donald Trump) Online

Some times I read some Tweets from random people and also from known celebrities disrespecting the president of the United States of America (Donald Trump), and it just feels awkward to me. I know he can be a jackass sometimes. Oops! But, dude is the American president, at least be more constructive with your criticism of him or the disrespect you throw at him. I mean, the way rappers like T.I, Bow Wow, Snoop, and a bunch of others have been dissing him is going too far in my opinion.

Legendary producer/rapper, JD (Jermaine Dupri) was on the Power 105.1 radio's The Breakfast Club show two days ago to promote his TV show (The Rap Game), and he was asked what he feels about Bow Wow (Shad Moss) telling Trump to shut up on Twitter, and saying he Would pimp the first lady of America. JD answered with...

"I think...I think that, since Trump is on Twitter the way he is, people don't understand that this dude is the most powerful man in the...in the country. There's a bunch of people that's saying wild stuff to him, they understand it, yo dude is not just like the dude next door. But he is on Twitter like he is...people think like, 'ima @ dude and say something crazy." (JD's Video Interview on The Breakfast Club Show)

I also think that's the issue. Trump is on Twitter too damn much, and people on Twitter are quick to disrespect anyone they don't like, regardless of the person's age or position in relation to them. That's just the truth. 


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