Jeezy Facing Death Suit

It's stuff like this we pray against every time we wake up in the morning. Jeezy had a concert with Wiz Khalifa in California back in 2014, and sadly someone got shot and killed at the show. According to TMZ, the family of the concert promoter that was killed that night have slammed a death suit on Jeezy.

This is a serious case, cos multiple witnesses have come forward to say that the killer looked like Jeezy. One of the witnesses even picked Jeezy out of a line up. That is not a good look at all.

 The name of the slain concert promoter was Eric Johnson, and he was short 5 times backstage of the Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy concert back in August of 2014. Jeezy has not spoken on the issue so far. 


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